Register of Tradeswomen

The only national register for all tradeswomen.

Free and simple to sign up and use.

Every piece of work completed through the Register enables women to transform their lives and contributes to increasing the number of tradeswomen in the UK.


The Register is the first part, soon to be followed by the School for Tradeswomen and Trust Fund.

Please join the Register even if you’re in a job as we aim to count all tradeswomen in the UK – we don’t count if we’re not counted.

Make Tradeswomen Count!

A quick and simple verification process, no-obligation – you always retain control of what work you take on.

This is a collaboration with organisations working with vulnerable women to enable them and other groups to choose tradeswomen and feel safe in their own homes. We will also give women the opportunity to train in trades. All proceeds go towards creating safe spaces to train and being able to create employment for survivors of domestic abuse.

It’s our aim to make it easy for survivors to gain independence and a great income by swelling the ranks of tradeswomen.

Watch this video to hear why it’s important to be part of the Register and sign up now.

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Thanks to our supporters for making this all possible.

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