Karen Boom – Owner, She’s Electric and Patron of Register of Tradeswomen

Featured Tradeswoman

“I’m Karen and I am a Female Electrician. That sounds weird doesn’t it? I mean you would never introduce Andy as “The Male Plumber” however this is where we are at!! Females in Trades are so rare that we do get treated as Unicorns!! When Hattie told me that she was creating The Register Of Tradeswomen I was sooooooo excited!! As she has always said “If we cannot be counted then we don’t count” and this is so true!! So why do I feel so passionately about this Register? When I started out on my journey to become an Electrician 10 years ago I was completely lost. Becoming an Electrician in a completely male dominated industry and I could not find a route in. I could not find a Role Model and I was perplexed!! I love a challenge (Low Boredom Threshold) and was determined to find a route.

Karen Boom Warrior Woman
Karen Boom She's Electric

I found a course (not ideal) then found some AMAZING men to support and mentor me and then became a Role Model!! This is SO much more than a  Register. This will be a Legacy. The fundraising for this Register will go on and on and on and on. We envisage Trades Training  which will empower women to be supported and mentored by other women.”