Starting 1st June 2021. ‘From Scratch to Earning’ for women survivors of domestic abuse living in West Yorkshire.

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We are pleased to announce our first fully funded training for women survivors of domestic abuse

Thanks to the European Social Fund and Groundwork UK we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant to provide training for you if you live in West Yorkshire. If you are a survivor of domestic abuse, not currently earning, and are able to live and work in the UK this course is for you.

The course will be delivered online via zoom. (We can help set you up if you’ve not done it before)

The commitment is no more than 2 hours a week probably on a Tuesday morning.  Workbook and professional toolkit will be provided.

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Please be quick.. Places are limited and the deadline for application is 16th May.


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Course Content

The course is in 3 modules.

Module 1

Know Your Home 101

• 6 hours group training (3 x 2-hour sessions over 3 weeks) plus individual practical support
• pre-basic DIY level including how to find and turn off the gas tap and stopcock, change a lightbulb, clean and maintain under sink and bath traps
• training recorded and online packages provided, enhanced with Q & A sessions so that participants can refer to these after the programme.
• workbook to personalise, producing a ‘This is how my house works’ guide for yourselves and your family.

Module 2

This is an intermediate course for you if who want to learn more and develop your skills further. It will include:

• 8 hours, 4 x 2 hour sessions, two practical and two on money management, over 4 weeks
• learning handling of tools, including safe use of hammers and nails, screwdrivers, saw and drills and more specialist tools that will be used in the TTT Dr course
• basic budgeting and money management skills to enable participants to manage your own accounts in self-employment and feel more capable of managing your finances and living independently

Module 3

Taps Traps and Toilets Doctor
This is for you to learn more skills including business skills to support you to become successfully self-employed or take further training as a plumber.
It will include:
• 12 x 2 hour sessions over 12 weeks. Sessions will alternate between theory and practical, looking at your own home and gaining proper valuable experience fixing the kinds of problems customers will have through looking at each participant’s home and fixing issues there
• 1 hour of individual sessions per participant, per course section to cover the practical aspects, supporting each woman in her strengths and overcoming difficulties


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Thanks to our supporters for making this possible.