What a Mighty Fine Week

The first week in the life of The Register of Tradeswomen

Hello everyone


It has been an extremely busy time and all good intentions to keep on top of everything have seemingly been making their way out of the window.

This is the first short update of how we are progressing.

We launched the Register to the public on 1st March to a very positive response, with work requests flowing from the off.

We celebrated International Women’s Day by doing a short film for BBC North West Tonight.

This was followed by a wave of work requests but we were still able to manage them.

On 11th March the Register was featured on BBC1 Morning Live you can see on our home page here

Since then the wave has become a tsunami. We knew the service was wanted and needed but we  could not have imagined the response. It was overwhelming with over 100 requests in the first hour.

We are madly putting tradeswomen through the verification process and issuing ID badges. We have a variety of women on our list. Including pest controllers, gardeners and excavators. We would love to find more builders, plasterers, roofers and fence building types to add to our plumbers, electricians and carpenters.

It’s as if people have been waiting with bated breath. We have had requests for every trade from all parts of the country.

The collection continues so please tell any tradeswomen you meet about the register.

Our aims are many fold and we are SO happy to report that we have now engaged 3 women survivors on a part time basis.

We are also in the process of organising our very first trainings for women in a refuge in West Yorkshire which will be starting in April. 

Our founder Hattie Hasan MBE will be doing a webinar for the WOW (Women of the World) Festival on Sunday 21st, and enjoyed a virtual reception attended by The Duchess of Cornwall. (Get her!!)

Are women finally beginning to be seen for the wonderful, strong, amazing creatures we are?

We are certainly doing everything in our power to make us as visible as possible.