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Every time your customers use the register to find you they are contributing to the changes vulnerable women are making to their lives.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a Register of Tradeswomen?

Incidences of domestic abuse are terrible in the UK. If customers and organisations decide they need to find tradeswomen. This is the ideal place to find them.

What is the Register of Tradeswomen?

A not-for-profit company set up to enable anyone wishing to find a tradeswoman to find one, with an ongoing mission to offer opportunities for women survivors of domestic abuse to gain employment, train in trades, and access finance in order to train in trades.

Will I ever have to pay?

You will never be required to pay to be part of the register. However, if you would like to offer financial help in any way, or if your customers would, please call our office or simply go to our crowdfunding page by following the link in the main menu. If you run out of flyers or stickers you may be asked to pay for postage to have more sent out to you.

Why do I have to go through such a rigorous process to join?

The register offers services to vulnerable women as well as any other client. Therefore it is vital that everyone on the register is checked to ensure they are who they say they are and they have the right qualifications and insurances to cover the work they may take from the register. (Believe it or not, we have had a hard time from some sectors, and even had men trying to get onto the register). Every tradeswoman is issued with an ID badge so that when they turn up, customers can be reassured as well.

Will I have to renew my registration?

No.. we only ask that you update your documents when they expire, and upload them, and inform us of any changes. (If you become Gas Safe for example).

How does the register operate?

Customers contact the register either by phone or by filling in a form. The register is run on a person to person basis. The appropriate tradeswoman is notified. A customer can request their own named tradeswoman if they have one. We notify you. When you have completed the work, you invoice the register. We invoice the client and payout within 24 hours of receiving the funds. Payment terms are strictly 7 days, and customers receive automatic reminders if they go overdue. All of this procedure is explained in this document.

Will it be more expensive for customers to use the register rather than calling me directly?

Our customers are supportive. They know what their contribution is and what it is being used for. We aim to make the customer contribution optional by the end of 2022. If we can do this sooner we will. We realise that larger projects may be adversely affected and we are more than willing to discuss each of these on a case by case basis. What is most important is that customers continue to use the register, so please call to discuss this if it arises.

How can I get my customers on board?

Tell them you are part of a movement to help increase the numbers of women in trades, and support vulnerable women to train in trades and access finance to train in trades. Use your welcome pack to give them information and direct them to our website. You can always get more from us. They have chosen you, so they are already aware of your great service. If they know what great work you are doing with the register, they will only love you more.

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