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Every time your customers use the register to find you they are contributing to the changes vulnerable women are making to their lives.


Why should I join?

We warmly welcome the launch of the first UK register of tradeswomen offering practical services run by women for women.

This will be vital for women-only domestic abuse services, particularly life-saving for refuges, as well as for domestic abuse survivors who are living with trauma following male violence and feel safer with a tradeswoman working in their homes.   

Nicki Norman, acting chief executive of Women’s Aid

The Register of Tradeswomen was formed as a not-for-profit because we don’t want to be driven by shareholders. We want all the money raised to only go to making the mission of the Register a reality.

It is important to us that it is always free for tradeswomen to join, and that we can always offer support to tradeswomen on it.


We know you are busy, and that being part of ‘another directory’ is something you really don’t need.

Why the Register of Tradeswomen is not a directory 

You will never be found by people searching. You will always remain in control of which households  you do work for. If you are too busy to accept work, that’s fine.

We know that lots of tradeswomen have enough customers and aren’t looking for new ones. We also know that you want to be able to help women survivors of domestic abuse to get out of the horrible situations they may be in. You may have used training in trades to get yourself to a place where you feel confident, and financially comfortable. That’s why we want you to tell your existing customers about the Register and how by calling you through the Register they can be part of a movement to help in the empowerment of women to train in trades. Every time your customers contact you through the register they will be helping you to help vulnerable women train in trades. Every penny raised goes towards making sure we stick to our goals. Those goals are

1. Provide employment opportunities to women survivors of domestic abuse within the office (we already have 2 working part-time)

2. Create training programs for women survivors of domestic abuse (already planning a program in West Yorkshire)

3. Build a network of tradeswomen across the UK to provide trade services for organisations working with women survivors of domestic abuse and anyone who wishes to use a tradeswoman in their home (Already 500 strong and growing)

4. Gain industry support and funding to carry out our goals within 12 months so we can reduce customer bills. (Until then there is a small portion of the bill to the customer that goes towards the Register)

For more information on how it works take a look at the FAQ’s page

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